Metro Nashville is blessed to have neighborhoods and communities with their own individuality and history, and they need to be protected. The growth of our city is a good thing, but uncontrolled growth threatens to take away green spaces and ultimately a way of life that citizens in those communities cherish. What works for the city’s urban core is not always what is in the best interest of our communities outside downtown. District 31 needs someone who will represent those interests.


With Nashville’s growth and development surging, some have been left out, or left behind, with the advantages that being the new “It City” brings. Lack of affordable housing for our surging population has led to an increase in homelessness, and left many others on the brink. A significant number of our homelessness population are veterans of military service. Many go without available benefits because addition, PTSD or mental health issues prevent them from knowing where to turn. Local government can and should serve as a conduit to help connect the homeless veterans who live among us with the benefits they deserve, partnering with local veteran service organizations and nonprofits to achieve this. Solving veteran homelessness will go a long way towards solving the overall homelessness problem in our city.      

New Americans

Nashville has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations of any city in the United States. It is critical that we embrace a strategic and sustainable approach to welcoming and integrating New Americans in all parts of our community. Nashville is a welcoming city, and the inclusion and rich diversity of New Americans provides great value to our communities.